Sunday, July 24, 2005

The very first one.... well...almost!

Hello world! Welcome to my second attempt at maintaining a blog.

Let me tell you a story.... Unlike most cases where blogs fall to the way side for more exciting ventures like PS2s, I loved my previous blog "Envisager" with a passion. I cared for it, I wrote in it every day and even braided it's hair with ribbons. Then one ill fated day I arrived at my site only to find it ravaged by the bloggers themselves. My blog was no more, it was "unavailable"... try as I might, I could not retrieve my beloved blog from it's pergatory. I did not let this get me down however, I stuck my chin out and started again on "Envisager the II"... only to find that after my first post I could post no more. This world is a cruel place that has no love for a girl and her blog. So here I sit before you all, a deflated being with only the slightest glimmer of hope that this blog shall succeed. It is my dearest wish that my glimmer will become a spark that will become a roaring fire sending out a beacon to all those who have lost blogs in the past. Let me lead them to a world where blogs do not have to die needlessly... this world, I begin today!!!!


Blogger EJ said...

I feel your pain. Let time heal the wounds.

When a dog dies you get a replacement... I guess blogs are the same

5:58 PM  

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