Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fair Cop... (Paris Day 1)

In light of the dodginess of my last blog I've decided to make this one a doozie... so strap yourselves in for the most long winded, illustrated Kieryn rant you have been exposed to so far... ready?? Here goes:

When I left off I was flying over Finland and admiring the view. I arrived in Paris airport at about 10am and mosied straight out from the baggage lounge and onto the street. There was a rather curious moment when I wondered what happend to customs (in that there wasn't any)but I gave up wondering when I tried to read the signs to the train. Bastard wrote them in French, how inconsiderate! Turns out there was a customs... how I missed it I'm not so sure but if the Jean Reno comes looking for me, just say I died eating Camembert.

Finding your way around Paris is actually very easy. They've dealt with enough silly English tourists to have learnt that pictograms work best. I followed the little train pictures and voila, found myself on a train into Paris. I got off at "Gare du Nord" which is a major transit centre (all the Eurostar trains come in there). I decided it would be a nice idea to walk from the train station to my hotel. I would just like to point out that at this point I had been awake for two days straight, it was 27 degrees, I had luggage, a cold and a bung knee. I wasn't at my most smart...

Two hours later, after getting lost and stopping to beg directions from a lovely French man, I made it to the hotel.

Hotel Damremont - Monmartre

By this stage the bag's wheels were a bit wonky and I looked a mess. The concierge (not the one who asked me out) gave me one look, gave me a hestitant (but polite) smile and started speaking in English. How do they KNOW???

The room was actually pretty good. Came with its own bathroom and a great view of the fire escape....

The rest of the day is a blur but I can vouch for showers after two days of being smelly. It was the best shower I have ever had, even if the water temperature never got above luke warm. I know I bought lunch at the supermarket across the road and then slept like a rock until the morning (much like how I normally sleep come to think of it).


Blogger Dynamo said...

What was that about the concierge asking you out? o_O

You're givin' me the travel bug now...*sigh*

In bocca al lupo!

p.s. Italian I know but I don't know any provincial french encouragements

p.p.s. Literally "Into the mouth of the wolf!"

5:18 PM  
Blogger Joseph said...

Oh the stories I've heard... What are you doing to the hormones of all the impressionable European lads over there Kieryn!

You'd better be doing decidedly english things, like eating tea and crumpets...

Enjoy yourself.

3:07 AM  

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