Monday, May 22, 2006

Insert good name here...

I'm running out of names that imply that this is a catch up email due to extreme slackedness. So this is the part where you all get to be creative and insert your own. Audience participation and all that.

I have officially moved rooms (yay) and discovered that while the room is significantly greener, bigger and lighter... it has the pissiest shower head ever to grace this earth with its dribbling presence. Its one of those ones you come across in camping grounds where you have to spend half an hour getting the shampoo out of your hair and just give up on conditioner all together. I'm sure I'll get used to it and eventually wonder what I was whining about but for now, give me pressure, sweet sweet water wasting pressure!

Having ranted as such, it is lovely to be living with Alyssa again. This is our first official night in the house and we've already made a healthy dinner, done the washing up and bonded over tea... just how all girly houses should be. The nail painting and dancing in our underwear comes after ten thirty... PG rating and all.

We had a really nice day down in Newfarm Park on Sunday watching Mum play in the 30 member clarinet band. They're an impressive force to behold and the setting was just perfect. Imagine if you can a quaint little band rotunda amidst the towering trees with the scent of roses flowing across the grass. The weather was beautful and the food just as good. A lovely day all round.

It actually came at the end of a nice week too. After a grueling accreditation of the childcare centre Joe took a holiday and came to live with me for the week. The perks of having a stay at home boyfriend: a) dinner on the table (read coffee table), b) lifts to and from work, c) after being shut up for the day, there's eager conversation to be had and finally, hugs anytime I want them (while not at work.. my boss frowns upon random hugs during WHS meetings). It was fabulous to know that after spending a week with him we didn't want to kill each other... always a handy thing to find out early in a relationship! : )

Other then that, Travel plans are going... Work is passing by and life moves ever onward.

We had a family dinner the other week and it really made me realise how much I'm missing our old ones... and hence I'm uber keen to have some in the seas over. Can't wait!!!

Anyway, late night, work tomorrow, sleepy Kieryn... goodbye!