Thursday, March 30, 2006

Its going to happen.... OMG!

Hello Everyone, for now everyone there is!! I've counted a total of 7 people who occasionally stop by and check out my blog, hazzah for blog spotting...

Originally I had hoped to get it up and running then announce to the world that I had joined my blogging family (my blog and its predecessor actually pre-date any brother / sister entries but this just points out how very slack I am so we're not making a big deal of this fact... anymore). So I guess now my entries should make sense and actually describe some things occasionally! Sigh, the lenghts I go to. Ok, so!


I took two hours out of my ever so boring Friday at work to mosey across the road to the Flight Centre. Together the lovely man behind the counter (a fella named Ben, though far less brotherly and not nearly as Ben-like) and myself plotted my way around the world. Thats right folks, Kieryn has a round the world ticket and will in fact be travelling around the world in thirty days!!!

He's my ever so impressive iternary (in brief)... Brisbane, Singapore, Helsinky, Paris, London, New York, LA, Sydney and then back to beautiful Brisbane! I'm actually staying over night in Paris, London and NY, the rest are either transfers or touchdowns... but I'll be there! It feels so good to have it booked and paid for!

The only challenge between now and then will be maintaining the savings but the closer we get, the more excited I am and the more I'm going to want to buy dodgy European and American suveniers... hence better saving. No doubt I'll be raving about this a lot more between now and the 30th of July, my ever approaching departure date so I'll move along.

I know I've already emailed these photos to their respective parents but I wanted to prove that Kieryn can be responsible... occasionally!

This first one is Roh and Sarah's Painting hanging in a lovely appartment. You can't see it here, but its actually quite a disasterous painting... but its big, and colourful and something to hang on the wall that reminds me of my family... so its staying!

This one is of a plant that Bronny's mummy gave her for... um... something important. About a month ago, this healthy little beast was not so healthy, infact it was brown and crunchy and to an eye trained in plant cultures... quite dead... BUT WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!!! Look at the baby now, its gorgeous! Little bit of shade, little big of water and some quality love and prayer to the plant gods made it what it is today... a plant of size and proportion... whatever that means! YAY!

And finally, these ones are surprisingly not from a fancy dress party, but from my graduation. Kieryn and proud parents, Mummy and Kieryn in traditional party shot (love this photo) and Kieryn and proud boyfriend,Joseph! Love that photo too!!! Its the wonderfully dedicated partners, friends and family who'll sit through a graduation for you... love you guys *wipes tear*

I know these are a bit late (grad was on the 14th of Feb) but I've just figured out how to post pictures properly..... till later then... xoxoxooxox

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Long long long weekends!!

Hmmm... so much for being more keen with the updating! I do heartily apologise to my two (maybe even three) readers, the stress of actually having to get up in the morning, lean over to the keyboard and type has just gotten too much... or I could just be making excuses.

There was a bit of bad news since the last entry.

Firstly, John Fogs had a car accident last week and totalled the cute little green beast fondly known as Jeeves. He was a faithful and loyal companion and its very sad to see him go. The story goes that a taxi driver did an illegal U-turn. Everyone was ok, thank goodness. I'm sympathising with him entirely... poor fud.

The other news was that Peter Donaldson, the father of two of my close friends Ellie and Ana, passed away from a stroke the weekend before last. He was quite young and there was no warning at all. The small mercy is that the family were all home for the weekend and could be with him. Ana has just moved to Kingaroy and Ellie just came back from a trip to Africa. Mr D. was a teacher at BBC and was very involved in their cricket program, they had a big memorial service last Friday at the school. It came as such a shock, they're so young to loose a parent.

Other then the sad news, everything else has been pretty good. Work is still ... well... work. But thats just the time in between the rest of my life and as long as I can chug down the coffee its ok.

I've been spending a lot of time with Joseph. I had thought that living in a different city would be quite a challenge but we've seen each other every weekend and at least once during the week for every week we've been dating. Sadly I can't claim any of the effort as my own, Joe drives the hour and a half to see me from the coast... occasionally I catch the train up on the weekends.. but then he still has to pick me up from the train station which is now about half an hour drive from his place. But he doesn't seem to resent the effort so its working... it usally means that we're tired as all hell on Mondays but hey, its worth it!!!

I would just like to take this oportunity to apologise for all those who started feeling nautious in the last paragraph. Feeling good, don't wanna hide it!! : D ... ok, I have lots to write about but I'm in my lunch break and... well its now five minutes past over so I should get back...

"Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Everywhere.... " Sigh : D