Sunday, July 30, 2006


Hey there avid readers...

I made it to Singapore in one piece... that one piece may be ridiculously tired and REALLY not looking to another 16 hours of flying after the last 7 ... but one piece non-the-less. Miraculously my knee hasn't been much trouble at all (a slip on a wet bathroom floor agrivated an old war wound [read war as "skirmish"]). I didn't manage to sleep on the last flight at all, I was in the middle of the plane, no aisle, no window but as luck would have it, I had a spare seat next to me. Me and the lady on the other side shared it and stored all excess "stuff" as you quite often accumulate on planes (like pillows and blankets and ear phones and safety manuals and seat belts.. I mean... ah...).

Already watched two point five point five movies (watched one, started another and gave up, started a third and landed half way through it)... and I am REALLY looking forward to sleeping... sleeeeeeeeeeeep! Ok, heading off to the gate now, don't get called for another hour but I want to figure out my international roaming before I get to France (so I can send mummy a "I'm alive, call off the search" message).

I'll try be more conscious the next time I write... peace out and happy sleeping you lucky people in normal time zones!!! : )