Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I've been hoarding my photos but its time...
First few were taken at Roh and Sar's farewell
Next were taken on Mt Glorious when we had lunch for Graypa's birthday in February...
And finally,our Mt Tambourine visit...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Apology of Sincerity

To my dearest, darlingest, olderest brother...

To thee I bid the most gracious of apologies for calling you a blog slacker... I get intimidated by the superb quality of the family blogs! ... but to be fair it hasn't really been ice ages between my blogs, only three weeks.. and I don't have a spouse to cover for me! *ducks* : D

I can't really account for my lack of blogedness, its been a pretty average three weeks although there have been a few points to note:
1) I bought PURPLE DOCS. This is the culmination of five years of yearning. They're beautiful and have Joe's tick of approval so they are now my newest favourite thing!
2) My newest favourite thing might actually be replaced next week by my new glasses. You see I've been having a fair bit of trouble seeing bus numbers and got sick of the grumpy look the drivers gave me when I hailed them 10 m before the stop. Turns out I'm short sighted and staring at my computer screen all day has sped up their demise... unfortunately I can't get contacts but the glasses are pretty narly! Black and Silver zebra print down the sides and the biggest bonus of all, I CAN SEE! It was really hard picking them out because after the first few pairs your eyes get all blurry from staring through the wrong lenses. I brought along the expert (Joe, who interestingly enough has never worn glasses in his life) and within ten minutes we had a funky pair of ridiculously expensive frames! It was about this point I started to wonder why I have the mong eyes and yet you guys (Ben and Roh) don't! Genetic roulette I'd say, but its only a matter of time. I was very sad in the lecture where they explained that two parents with glasses do not cancel each other out!... it'll get you my pretties and your little retinas too!

3) Dan graduated! YAY DAN! The next adventure is a year long honours project follewed by a PhD... crazy man! : D

4) ... um... no thats about it, I just felt sad that in three weeks I've only drummed up three points of note..

I'll be back when I've thought of something interesting... so next ice age.
Love you guys

ps. welcome Dad! You're number eight!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mt Tamborine... HA!

This Sunday just past was Joe's 22nd Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) and to celebrate we went for a merry jaunt up Mt Tamborine for the weekend. Despite our initial dismay at the total lack of tamborines, we had an excellent time being tourists.

We were staying in a Scottish lodge that while incredibly picturesk from the outside (pictures to come) was actually a little disapointing. The house itself was lovely but the hostess (and elusive host) had filled it to the brim with tacky scottish memorabilia, scary looking dolls and outdated books (not the cool leather ones mind, David Attenbour books from when he still had brown hair). I may be a little harsh in my evaluation, I'm sure it would appeal to some... especially the plastic suit of armour by the stairs. The most disapointing part was the service. Our scottish landlady greeted us with a somewhat surly attitude. I think she was afronted that a couple so young would presume to seek residence in her lovely home. She took one look at the yellow demon (joe's car) and had us pegged as young trouble makers. Just to spite her I made an effort to be well manered and charming... that'll show her! To be fair, there were fresh shortbread biscuits and fresh towels on arrival so... hmm.. nope, still grumpy!

Mt Tamborine is a lot like Melany (... Malany.. Maleny... umm... you know where I'm talking about...)with streets full of weekenders looking for bargains in the galleries and craft stores. Ofcoarse being galleries and craft stores there are no bargains to be had... but that doesn't stop the hoards. We spent most of Saturday going shop to shop and ended a perfect day with a rainforest walk.

It was a great weekend and it was pretty hard coming back to reality at the end of it. Even harder will be the saving, its head down, wallet away until the end of July... so many shoes.... *twitch twitch*