Sunday, January 29, 2006


Well I think after the last few posts its time for something a little less pensive and perhaps a little more sober... note to all bloggers: a word of caution, if you drink then blog you're a bloody idiot - or at least you'll sound like one when you delve into your drunken rants and while it may be highly ammusing trying to figure out what the hell you were talking about, it doesn't paint the best picture of you and your life. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything... curse you Ben Lee.

We've had a busy few days out Greenslopes way. The fun started on Wednesday night when we had a bit of an Australia day bash. It wasn't the most rocking party (child of the eighties, I can use rockin if I want) and I think the night hit an all time low when the boys decided to watch Orgasmo but picked up again when we started playing poker.

I learnt a new game called "one little indian" (I think) where you all get a card dealt to you which you put straight onto your forehead without seeing. Then after checking out what everyone else has you have to bet on your card... it may sound retarded and infact it is but the beauty of it is that when you're sitting with six other people doing the same thing you don't feel so bad. Can't imagine what it would have looked like from the street.... crazy drunkards!

The night ended pretty because we were all pretty sleepy and the atmosphere didn't change much in the morning. Happy Australia Day... was spent reading! YAY!

That night, Joe and I had a movie fest that included an old Batman movie made in the sixties. It was actually pretty fun, much to my amazement. The whole things was a satire of the entire genre which, considering when it was made, I really hadn't predicted. Did that sentence have too many commas? I can never decide!!

Anyway, that was fun and then the next night we had intended to see brokeback mountain and have dinner out somewhere but for some reason we never made it. Instead we sat around talking for hours. It was nice.

Then last night Lyss and I had a girly night complete with "three of the girliest movies the video store had". And girly they were, it was a nice night. There are some things that guys will never understand.. like the appeal of Disney movies. Although to be fair it did have Michelle Tractenberg so maybe they would have liked it after all.

Then today I went out to Su-ma and Gray-pa's place for lunch. Hmmmmm... mushrooms!!! So tonight after a very busy almost long weekend, I'm staying in, calling my Daddy and just chillin to the sweet melodies of Andrew Lloyd Webber... sigh!

: D

Monday, January 16, 2006

Right Angles

You can focus, but then you can unfocus just as easily. The colours appear exciting and yet the lighting is dull. The music has base that belts through the head and its only certain lines of lyrics that stick in your head. These repeat over and over until they're all you can think about. That's what happened with my last entry. Ben Lee's song Ache for You just kept going and going and going and the only way I could rid myself of it was to blog it.

And now its gone.

Ache for you

Its alright if you're undecided or,
if you're scared that you might like it or
if it's true, I ache for you

There's no rhyme and there's no reason
you're the secret in the back of my skull
there's no logic, so please believe me
our love's confusing, but it never gets dull

And yes sometimes it's just desire
another problem there you really don't want
but anyway, I ache for you.

And I'm so tired, of so much wanting
and what if, don't even think it
but why not.

I ache for you

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Deep Breaths

Awake is the new sleep... so wake up!

That's my abstract thought for the day, thank ya Ben Lee. Although he does strike me as the rather hyperactive type who wouldn't actually have problems getting out of bed in the mornings. I reckon it takes a lot of will power to fight that feeling you get when your eyes are half closed and all you have to do is read over and bump the alarm for another ten minutes of blissful sleep... Hmmmmm Sleeeeeeeep! So while his little motto sounds good in hyperactive theory I wonder if he's ever tried it on a bad morning person.... and then you have to wonder how long it took his black eye to heal. Curse good morning people!

Pray tell, if there is actually anyone out there reading this who is a morning person, do you get up and have an upbeat catch phrase that you recite to yourself? I've heard that works...

Ah ok, well spontaneous resolution... tomorrow I'm going to wake up and tell myself "Kieryn, its a beautiful day, the coffee smells great and the world is waiting for you to get up and start your day with a smile, hop to it!"

...ofcoarse at 6am whole sentences become a bit harder to get out but I'll do my best!

And to all of you out there, I wish you a perky morning!!!

Monday, January 09, 2006


Ok, I'll see how quickly I can catch things up... its going to be fun so hang on.....

Mum's still not doing well. She's been into hospital 3 times now and was verging on a 4th but for the fact that she's so over it she refused to go. Not the most comforting attitude for her family but I don't blame her, she's been off work since just after Ben and Bron left, late October. The operation went without a hitch, it was the pericardial inflamation, the diabetes, the pneumonia and colapsed lung thats doing the damage... and to top it off the fabulous cocktail of 22 drugs that she's on is making her nautious. Harah for drugs. Our thoughts are with her always, if I was the praying type, that's what I'd be doing but alas, thoughts will have to do.

*BREAKING NEWS* Just got off the phone and mum had a good day! She went shopping and made appointments galore... good oh! : )

Ben and Bron were having a great time. Limited snow and mainly ice on the slopes were making things exciting, so exciting in fact that Ben fell over on an icy patch and shattered his left wrist. To date I don't know if he needs surgery, he was finding that out two days ago but we haven't heard. Poor Ben, Bronny has to help him with everything. Good thing it wasn't his right hand though... small mercies! To read all about their fun check out their blog, Ben's a funny bugger so it can get quite amusing...

Rohan and Sarah have officially left the country.... sniff.... and are holidaying for two weeks in Thailand, for an amusing recount of their adventures visit their blog...

As for me, I turned 21 years old and then crashed... quite literally, I destroyed my mum's car and almost killed my friend Tegan. Very exciting birthday that one. We both got out ok, were able to walk away from the accident with mild whiplash and some bruises... again with the mercies although this one is a big one. I'm happy to be alive to tell this sad tale... anyway, because it was my fault I'm paying an excess of $750.. for a while there I thought that might destroy my chances of being in new york in August but my brothers and sisters came through for me... bless their dear hearts... and gave me a travel voucher for the trip. Love those guys!

Anyway, I'm not telling these tales of woe for nothing. The point of this blog is to paint a contrast for you... of just how shit my last few weeks have been... until I made a rather happy discovery which sadly cannot be disclosed but for the first time in years I feel like myself again... so if you're listening, thanks!

Well we're almost done... I finished uni and got my 2a honours...whoot! Last minute assignments aren't all bad after all!

Ok, I think that's it... check out my msn space for pictures of Roh and Sar's farewell and some of our new years eve party!